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  稿件来源:山东商报 李伟强

  稿件来源:山东商报 李伟强

   On October 16, the first round of the second phase of the Chinese Super League will start. At present, all 16 Chinese Super League teams have settled in Suzhou and Dalian. The Luneng Taishan team went to Suzhou after the swearing ceremony held on October 14 and has completed the first training class in Suzhou. "Fighting for the dream" is the theme of this Taishan team's championship journey. A rational analysis shows that this dream journey of the Taishan team is not easy. In the first game, they met the strong enemy Guoan, and Evergrande and SIPG would become a stumbling block in the Taishan team's championship.

10月16日,中国超级联赛第二阶段的第一轮比赛开始。目前,中国超级联赛的所有16支球队都已经定居在苏州和大连。鲁能泰山队在10月14日举行宣誓仪式后前往苏州,并已在苏州完成了第一堂训练班。 “为梦想而战”是这支泰山队冠军之旅的主题。理性分析表明,泰山队的梦想之旅并不容易。在第一场比赛中,他们遇到了强大的敌人国安,而恒大和SIPG将成为泰山队冠军的绊脚石。



  The Beijing-Luzhou war is undoubtedly a major focus of the second stage. It is worth looking forward to what kind of sparks the two traditional strong teams can collide with when they are familiar with each other.


   For Guoan, it is undoubtedly unfortunate to run into the Taishan team in the first round of the championship. Judging from the fights in recent seasons, Guoan has almost no advantage. In the last round of last season, Guoan defeated Luneng 3-2, ending the embarrassing record of 8 unwinnable matches against Taishan. However, from the perspective of that game, when the Taishan team led by two goals, Guoan reversed and won. The ball, but the scene is not dominant. Judging from the record in recent seasons, it is no exaggeration to say that Taishan is the Guoan nemesis.


   However, the past can only represent history, and we must focus on the present. Judging from the first stage of the season, the offensive strength of the Guoan team has improved rapidly, once becoming the most aggressive offense in the Super League, which can be seen from the number of 36 goals. Analysis, this is not unrelated to the introduction of Alan this season and the activation of Bakambu. Among them, Bakan scored 11 goals, leading the super scorer list. Alan scored 4 goals and was the second scorer in the team. In addition, there are good offensive players such as Vieira and Zhang Yuning in the team, which is a strong guarantee for the continuous output of the offensive end. Offense is a great weapon for National Security, but facing the most stable back line of the Chinese Super League Taishan team, it needs to make more changes in the frontcourt. In addition, for the Guoan team, the team's core foreign aid Augusto will miss the first round match with Taishan due to his injury, which may become the biggest disadvantage for Guoan.

但是,过去只能代表历史,我们必须专注于现在。从本赛季的第一阶段开始,国安队的进攻实力迅速提高,一度成为中超联赛中最具进攻性的进攻,这可以从36个进球中看出。分析认为,这与本赛季引进艾伦和激活巴卡姆布并非无关。其中,巴坎打进11球,位列超级得分手榜首。艾伦(Alan)攻入4球,是球队第二得分手。此外,球队中还拥有像维埃拉(Vieira)和张裕宁(Zhang Yuning)这样的优秀进攻球员,这是进攻端持续输出的有力保证。进攻是国家安全的重要武器,但面对中国超级联赛泰山队最稳定的后场,进攻需要在前场做出更多改变。另外,对于国安队来说,球队的核心外援奥古斯托由于受伤而将错过与泰山的首轮比赛,这可能成为国安的最大劣势。



   There is no doubt about the strength of Evergrande. In the past 9 seasons, Evergrande has won the Chinese Super League championship 8 times. It is the strongest and most stable team in China in recent years.


  As the defending champion, Evergrande’s goal this season is of course the champion. Whether it is foreign or domestic aid, Evergrande is currently at the top level of the Super League. In terms of foreign aid, Evergrande owns Paulinho and Talisca. In terms of internal aid, not only have Exxon, Fernando, and Jiang Guangtai international players with the level of foreign aid, but also young shooters like Wei Shihao. The Evergrande team is definitely one of the best in the Super League in terms of overall strength and bench depth.


   From the perspective of the first stage, Evergrande scored 31 goals and lost 12 goals, winning the first place in the so-called death group Dalian Division. In the 14 rounds of the first stage, a total of 34 points were scored in the Super League, which is enough to show the absolute strength of Evergrande.


The first round of the    championship group will be Evergrande vs. Hebei China. At present, the overall momentum of Evergrande is good, and there are no major casualties in the team. In addition, Gao Lat, who was loaned to the Hebei team by Evergrande, could not play due to the evasion clause, which is also a big plus for Evergrande. For Evergrande, although various factors are dominant, they still cannot be taken lightly. Malkang is a great weapon for the Hebei team. In the first stage scorer list published by the Super League, he ranked first with 11 goals, 63 shots and 27 shots on goal.


   For SIPG, the first round will be against the city team Shenhua. As the leader of the Suzhou Division in the first stage, SIPG's strength is obviously stronger than Shenhua, which has a broken lineup.


In the first stage, Shanghai Shenhua's overall performance was ups and downs, especially in the second half of the game, they almost encountered a situation of running out of ammunition and food, most of the main players suffered injuries, and in the end only Mbia was left. Famous foreign aid can barely play, it is in this desperate situation, the Shenhua team led by Cui Kangxi, with amazing willpower, stubbornly squeezed into the championship group sequence.


   Shenhua often shows ample resilience in adversity, seemingly desperate, not desperate, and has become the label of this veteran team. For SIPG, although the overall strength is superior, it is not easy to pick flowers easily.


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