Discover the Best Wine Tasting Experiences in Manchester

Welcome to Concierge Black, your ultimate guide to the finest wine tasting experiences in Manchester. While the city might not be renowned for its vineyards, it has become a top destination for wine enthusiasts, offering a vibrant wine scene with diverse wine bars, shops, and events catering to all tastes.

Explore Manchester's Wine Scene

Wine Tasting in Manchester

Manchester is home to a plethora of wine tasting venues that provide exceptional experiences for both novices and connoisseurs. From chic wine bars to specialty shops, the city offers a wide range of options to explore and enjoy.

Manchester Wine Tasting Venues

  1. Blossom Street Social
    Located in Ancoats, Blossom Street Social is a trendy spot offering a fantastic atmosphere and a wide variety of wines. It's the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a glass of your favorite vintage.

  2. Salut Wines
    Situated in the heart of the city, Salut Wines boasts a curated selection of over 40 wines by the glass. This venue reflects Manchester’s diverse preferences and provides a unique tasting experience.

  3. El Gato Negro Tapas Bar
    This renowned tapas bar in the Central Retail District offers an extensive international wine list, with a particular emphasis on Spanish wines. It's an ideal spot for pairing delicious tapas with exceptional wines.

Unique Wine Tasting Experiences

Manchester’s wine scene is thriving, with a growing interest in natural and unique wines. Venues like Erst and Nordie are at the forefront of this trend, drawing a youthful crowd with their eclectic selection of natural wines. For a more luxurious experience, 20 Stories Wine Bar on the 19th floor of No. 1 Spinningfields offers stunning views and hundreds of wines from around the globe.

Learn and Savor

For those looking to deepen their wine knowledge, Manchester offers excellent educational opportunities. The Northern Wine School and venues like Wolf At The Door provide informative and enjoyable wine tasting sessions. These experiences are designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of wine, making each visit memorable.

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