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We have created 29 links for your website in phase 1 of our process, as detailed in the attached report (the HTML file at the bottom of this message). In addition to the 10 links you ordered, we have included 19 complimentary links and submitted the content you provided to these sites.

Your order also comes with the following gig extras: login details and Tier 2 links. The personalized report contains essential information about your order, including the links, login credentials, indexing information, and Tier 2 link details.

With the completion of the SEO process on our end, your links will be sent for indexing. This step ensures they are recognized by search engines, which will, in turn, improve the search result rankings for the keywords you provided. You can find more information about this process within the attached report.

There is no further action required on your part, as we manage the entire process for you. Simply relax and await the initial results.

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