At The London Mediation Service, we firmly believe that mediation should be the first step in resolving complex family issues. Going to court should always be the last resort.

We aim to make the mediation process as simple, affordable and effective as possible for all people.

We have a team of highly experienced family mediators. All of our mediators are professionally trained in line with Family Mediation Council guidelines.

Based in London but operating all over the United Kingdom, we aim to facilitate mediation for all faiths, languages, and races. We achieve this by working with a network of people and services within the realm of family law.

Why mediate? The purpose of mediation is to allow people in dispute to settle their differences without the need for solicitors or court appearances. Mediation provides a safe space for people to discuss their issues with a mediator, who will make sure that the focus remains on resolving the conflict, based on input from both parties.

Mediation allows people to talk about how best to serve their family without resorting to an expensive or lengthy legal process. Many find that once an application is made to a court, it can take months, possibly years, to receive a final decision. The final decision is usually made by someone who does not know your family situation personally, your specific needs and often doesn’t cover all financial or child access scenarios that can come about whilst co-parenting or separating.

Mediation in London